Americans believe in justice. We expect to be treated fairly. We value the contributions each of us makes to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Americans also recognize the contributions corporations make to the growth of our economy and to an improved standard of living in the United States. We also recognize the need for insurance companies to spread risk so that when tragedies occur no individual suffers the loss alone. Americans take pride in our corporations, which include our insurance companies. There are, however, times that companies do not do the right thing and can cause harm, maim, and even kill a fellow citizen.

As consumer justice attorneys, The Law Office of William J. Scott, P.A., passionately pursue justice for those who are harmed by the misconduct of insurance companies  and corporations. We believe we are each our brother’s keeper and that we must be held personally accountable for our actions. Insurance companies and corporations are not exempt from this moral duty. The civil justice system in the United States provides a revered forum for resolving disputes when individuals are harmed by the misconduct of others, including corporations and insurance companies.

It is through the dedicated work of Consumer Justice Attorneys that America has been freed from the dangers of exploding Pintos, Thalidomide, toxic tampons, dangerous IUD’s,  Guidant defibrillators. Firestone Wilderness Tires, early Ford Explorers and other unsafe products. In over 30 years of practice, The Law Office of William J. Scott, P.A. has helped protect the public from the harms wrongfully caused by corporations and insurance companies.

We are a nation that believes in government of, by and for the people. Americans view attempts by special interests to restrict access to the courts and limit rights of individuals to justice as an affront to our Founding Fathers. Exercising the highest standards of ethics, we represent our clients in civil actions involving medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, managed care abuse and negligence , other forms of personal injury,  unsafe motor vehicles, and wrongful death.

At The Law Office of William J. Scott, P.A., we believe in the American legal system and are humbled when asked to seek justice for the injured, the maimed and the dead.

Our only business is JUSTICE and we are here to serve.